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How to Remove Sludge with Magnaclean

5 Reasons to take care of boilers all year round

1. Regular servicing and maintenance of boilers can save money

It is a known fact that regular boiler servicing can save money. An efficient boiler is a more economical boiler.

Using an ADEY MagnaClean filter could save you up to 6% on your utility bill.


2. Half of homeowners would de-camp to friends or family if their hot water failed

Studies suggest that this is something that is a regular occurrence and happens more often that we care to believe.

What would you do if your hot water failed?

3. Hot water demand can increase in summer

There are many reasons why hot water usage can increase in the summer but one obvious one is we more often wash our cars in the summer.

This increased usage may be placing unnoticed strain on your boiler.

4. More than 25% of homeowners haven't had their boiler serviced in the last 12 months

Unchecked underlying issues could cause your boiler to breakdown.

Black sludge in a system can cause underperformance issues

5. The average household cost to repair a broken boiler is £320

It’s no surprise that the average cost is this high as boilers become more complex in their design.

Ensuring that your boiler is properly serviced throughout the year can save you hundreds on repair costs and can also reduce your fuel bills in the winter.

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